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Renacer Boliviano Dance Troupe


Our love for our culture is reflected in our dances, and is expressed in the performances of Renaer Boliviano Dance Troupe

At a very young age our children share our family and social gatherings, where undoubtedly they heard and danced to the rhythm of our exquisite Bolivian music. We see children 2 and 3 years of age trying to imitate the steps of the adults, some quite rhythmic and polished. These children grow with that Bolivian spirit, grow with our folklore in their blood and veins and they proudly show these steps to their friends from other countries.

These children, these youngsters and their friends, friends from other countries that like the Bolivian music and dances, form the core of Renacer Bolivian Dance Troupe, and for young compatriots coming to the Chicago area, becomes to be their connection to the Bolivian community in Chicago.

And when we step to a stage, our music, our colorful costumes, the pride reflected in the faces of our young ambassadors, attracts and delights the audience.

Renacer Bolivian Dance Troupe has performed in Chicago and its surroundings, and in the states of Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Minnesota, and Missouri.

To solicit performances of Renacer Boliviano Dance Troupe
or if you want to be a member of Renacer Boliviano Dance Troupe
please contact the Director of Art and Education.

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