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    Salar de Uyuni
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Purpose of our Events



100% of the profits of all Renacer Boliviano events benefit
the most needy organizations in Bolivia, such as orphanages,
battered women shelters 

Donations are taken to Bolivia by Renacer Boliviano's members,
who are responsible for purchasing the requested needs,
for providing a detail account of all expenditures including receipts and picture.
You can see these pictures in the section donations.


Thank you very much to all who attended our
Summer Fest 2017.
Hope you enjoyed it and hope to see you again in our future events.
Proceeds from this event will benefit the following organizations:

Centro Terapéutico Puntiti – Niños con discapacidades – Cochabamba
Hogar de Niños Creamos – Cochabamba
Fundación Amanecer – Hogar de Niños y Adolescentes – Cochabamba
Organización Kusisqa Warmi – Prevención de violencia domestica - OruroCentro
Burgosmarka - El Alto La Paz
Fundación CLESF/CCEM - Cochabamba
Fundación EFFETA - La Paz
Fundación MIMA - Cochabamba
Fundación Patitas Descalzas - Cochabamba


For information about our future events, please visit us again soon.


2017 Events

Nothing in the near future, visit us again soon



Please consider supporting our efforts.